Find houses and villas for your Caribbean lifestyle. We have the right investment for you, use our experience.


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Investments in real estate projects with a guaranteed above-average return!
The Dominican Republic offers the best platform for this purpose due to its attractive geographical location. The island has proven itself for years as a stable value and offers its investors steadily increasing yields.
If you are looking for a safe investment, we has the opportunity to invest in projects for many years.

Project Management

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Through our big range of services and our experience in the sector, our clients can benefit from the beginning to the finish of the construction process from expert advice and professional support.
Our capabilities include customized and competent solutions for your building project. With its experienced team of architects and construction experts we are one of the most prestigious architectural firms on the island.

Construction experts

Dominican Construction Company, Dominican Republic, Sosua, Cabarete, Puerto Plata

Discover, experience, recognize how building by our professional team works.
Our team shows you the possibilities, determines your needs and gives you the best advise, depending on what your wishes are. With our advise you will be able to decide which type of building is the right one for you.
We support during construction and oversee the building project from the ground-breaking ceremony to the handing-over of keys.

Finance Your Property

Financing Dominican Republic

50% Down paymant, 6% Interest rate

For the application to the bank you need:
• Income Tax last year.
• Copy of National ID.
• Copy of Passport with stamps from arrivals and departures .
• Copy of Social Security.
• Certification of Work.
• Last three months of accounts of all your banks (if more than one).
• Copy of paychecks, if you do not have statements of accounts.
• Property valuation made by an authorized appraiser for the Bank.
• Payment and authorization form for consultation of International Bureau (Cost USD$ 28.00).
• Legalized Power in a Dominican Consulate in the United States and Apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Dominican Republic, if applicable (if you are legally married and your spouse can not come to sign or if the debtor could not come to sign).

Building Land Services

Our construction company also has a department of Real Estate:

Here you will find a large selection of properties in all locations. We are happy to advise you on the purchase of a property, because we know all the advantages and disadvantages of the locations.
The north coast of the Dominican Republic is our working area. We look forward to welcoming you to our office in Sosua.